Astoria Knights FC

Darnell Olivere

Darnell Olivere

CEO & Chairman



Mr. Olivere was born in New York and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. Where he traded in his track spikes for a pair of soccer cleats. His devotion and passion for the game come from playing the beloved game for the past 20 years. Mr. Olivere played in the military for the Camp Pendleton Varsity team in California, also collegiate and club soccer. In Colorado, he played with Atomic FC and Hooligans FC, also played with the long-standing  Manhattan Kickers of the Cosmopolitan League in New York. After playing the 2018 season for Vaughn College, Mr. Olivere decided that high-level soccer shouldn't stop because the school season is out. Mr. Olivere brings a new view of a soccer club in the United States with thoughts to expand the Astoria Knights into many teams for all. Mr. Olivere is dedicated to establishing a top-ranked club in the northeast. Today, Mr. Olivere serves as the club's President.