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Chairman Brings in a New Director of Performance to Elevate the Team

Creating a Better Athlete On and Off the Field
Published Apr 11, 2021

April 11th, 2021- Queens, N.Y. - Astoria Knights FC sign Christopher Saul as Director of Performance. After a solid number of IFK Maryland Athletes were attending many combines. The deal is finally done!  


“After having Chris come to a couple of sessions, the intensity in the training and focus of the athletes was heightened. I respect his expertise in the training field, and it was time to give a man who has not only all the right certifications but has the results to back it up. A chance to elevate the culture and standards of all the athletes in our program. We welcome Chris to his new home in New York City!” said Darnell Olivere, Chairman and CEO of the AKFC organization.


Our goal at Astoria Knights FC is to provide the best opportunities for athletes to make the jump into the professional game. We believe that in this role as Director of Performance, athletes will be on the field more and be taking fewer off days. We continue to elevate ourselves as a club, as well as continue to put the players first!


“My full ambition is to take my experiences of life and give back to the community of football. When talking to Darnell about a chance to get involved in this New York City project. I saw this as an opportunity to do just that. It is very important for me to give back to different areas and grow from this experience myself. As Director of Performance, we are going to build strong athletes from our starter all the way to our athletes on our bench. It’s paramount to me that all our players develop to the fullest and feel a valued member of our program.”, Christopher Saul, Director of Performance at Astoria Knights FC.





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About Astoria Knights FC: A semi-professional soccer team in New York. The team is a member of the United Premier Soccer League and was the division runner up in Spring 2019. Astoria Knights FC is a pro development club with connections to professional teams and professional soccer leagues across the globe.



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